rest in peace: AIDAN JACK SEEGER x 7/21/04 – 4/29/12

Aidan Jack Seeger - Rest In Peace. Photo by Joe Russo.
Aidan and Bob Seeger.

Brooklyn, NY April 30, 2012 – It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart that I write this post…Yesterday, a little blue-eyed 7 year old boy’s life was called upon; leaving behind his parent’s Bob and Elisa and his sister Sienna.

Aidan Jack Seeger was diagnosed in June 2011 with a disease called ALD. “Adrenoleukodystrophy

 (ALD,) is a rare, inherited disorder that leads to progressive brain damage, failure of the adrenal glands and eventually death. ALD is a disease in a group of genetic disorders called leukodystrophies. Adrenoleukodystrophy progressively damages the myelin sheath, a complex fatty neural tissue that insulates many nerves of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Without functional myelin, nerves are unable to aid in the conduction of an impulse, which leads to increasing disability. The only way to stop the progression of the disease is with a bone marrow transplant”.

Over the next 10 months Aidan went through innumerable tests, doctors and hospitals in an effort to find out more about the disease and make his life just that much more comfortable. I would see Bob posting pictures and updates at all hours of the night to keep Aidan’s Posse informed. Whether it was an old pic of little blue eyes or a picture of a sunrise from Aidan’s hospital window with a random thought from Bob. It’s truly amazing the outpouring of support worldwide that this little boy has amassed. Aidan Has A Posse.

On a personal note, I met Aidan that same very month he was starting to show signs of his disease. Bob hadn’t told me at the time what it was. We were at Indian Larry Motorcycles in Brooklyn, NY. Shepard Fairey was pasting up some art on the facade of the building. Aidan was hanging out just being a cute little 6 year old boy. When Shepard was done, we all went inside the garage to hang out and talk. Aidan was on one of his toys pretending to fix it. I could see the bond he had with his father Bobby. It was the cutest thing. I don’t know what it was about my meeting and interaction with Aidan that day but it really made a lasting impression on me. I remember shooting these pics like it was yesterday.

In the end, the Seegers and Aidan put up the good fight. My condolances go out to the Seeger family and friends.

You will be missed little blue eyes. Rest In Paradise.

Thursday a mass will be held at St.Saviors on 8th ave in park slope Brooklyn at 10am.

In lieu of flowers…if you would like to donate, please send to:

Kennedy Krieger Foundation
707 North Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205
Att: Dr. Gerald Raymond
In Aidan’s memory.
Dr. Raymond has dedicated his life to research for ALD

Aidan Jack Seeger - Rest In Peace. Photo by Joe Russo.
Artist Shepard Fairey with Aidan and Bob Seeger.

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  1. toddseidel says:

    beautiful, thanks.

  2. James E. Halleran says:

    I’m guessing The Lord needed an Angel. My heart goes out to Bobby and Elisa. The first time I met Aidan I thought he was special and I remember eveything he said to me, what a beautiful little person. Anything I can do big or small just say the word. God Bless you.

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