Portrait Series by Joe Russo

TriBeca, NYC May 12, 2011 – This is one of my favorite portraits from 2011. This was taken outside the Wooster Street Social Club where the reality show “NY Ink” is filmed for TLC. I was going there to shoot a few portraits of the cast. My friend meets me outside and tells me they are filming for Season 1 and that Mike Ness was inside getting tattooed for an upcoming episode. I signed the release at the front door and was invited inside to watch. Mike Ness is one of my favorite musicians in one of my fave bands from my childhood…Social Distortion. Needless to say I was stoked. A little later in the afternoon, I was allowed to take some stills [with permission from Mike Ness] from behind the film crew and cameras. He’s a little intimidating and I was admittedly nervous. Tim Hendricks was doing the tattoo on him. Fast foward to when he is leaving the shop as I was out front smoking a cigarette. I asked him for a quick portrait in front of the Wooster Street Social Club window. I wanted to riff off the word “social” on the window against his band name. 2 shots and we’re done. He shakes my hand, says thank you and off he goes…

I’ll dig up the rest of the photos from that day.

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3 Responses to “portraits: MIKE NESS x SOCIAL DISTORTION x WOOSTER STREET SOCIAL CLUB x 5.12.11”

  1. Angela says:

    Love this!!! Did you ever go throug the other photos from this day… Iet met mike ness last night! Jus wondered if u had anymore of him;)

    • admin says:

      i have gone through the rest of the pics from this day. up until now, i wasn’t able to post any of them. so now i may just post them up here soon enough. stay tuned…

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