photo of the day: MIKE NESS x TIM HENDRICKS x NYC x 5.17.11

Mike Ness/Social Distortion getting ink by Tim Hendricks at Wooster Street Social Club. Photo by Joe Russo

NYC, 5.17.11 – This photo was shot on the set of TLC’s “NY Ink” at Wooster Street Social Club as they were filming for Season 1. On this day, I was heading to see a friend at WSSC. I was pleasantly surprised when she told me one of my favorite musicians was inside getting filmed/tattooed. I was stoked to get invited on to the set and was given permission to shoot some stills as they filmed/tattooed Mike Ness. Super-talented Tim Hendricks was doing the tattoo on Mike’s right hand. Once done, Ness checked it out in the mirror. He loved it. Gave Tim a hug and then asked him to add another tattoo, a small star near his left eye.

You can see the portrait I shot of Mike Ness after his tattoo session here.

I don’t believe any of the filmed footage was used in season 1. Stay tuned for more photos from that day…

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