photo of the day: FLAVOR FLAV x PUBLIC ENEMY x SUMMERSTAGE x 8.15.10

Flavor Flav Public Enemy Photo by Joe Russo

Central Park, Summerstage, NYC 8.15.10 – This photo was taken 2 summers ago at Summerstage in Central Park.

PE has long been one of my favorite acts since I was a young kid growing up in Brooklyn. One of my first live music experiences was seeing them at a small Jazz club called “Ernie Barry’s” that artist/musician Michael Kaves [Lordz of Brooklyn] had put together back in 1988. It was a crazy night…and a memorable one at that. Their seminal inaugural release “Yo! Bum Rush The Show” had just dropped in ’87 and was tearing up both the hip-hop and music worlds alike.

And so fast foward 22 years later…I’m seeing them again. They sounded just as good as they did the first time I saw them and with that much more energy.

Bring tha Noize
911 Is a Joke
Welcome to the Terrordome
Burn Hollywood Burn
Fight the Power
Brothers Gonna Work It Out
Cold Lampin’ With Flavor
Fight the Power
Shut Em Down

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