photo of the day: CHRIS ROBINSON x BLACK CROWES x 12.2005

Chris Robinson Black Crowes photo by Joe Russo

October 2005 – I was cleaning up some files and came across this photo I took on a trip out to Chicago and Milwaukee to see my favorite band; The Black Crowes. This photo was taken at the end of October in 2005. A bunch of us traveled out there for my birthday to see some friends and The Black Crowes play a few shows.

We flew into Chicago early on the morning of the 29th and headed to Milwaukee and the Eagles Ballroom. I had no photo pass for this show and snuck my camera into the venue. I shot almost the entire show from close to the front before getting caught during the encore. Happy bday to me!

The next 2 nights were epic performances at The Riviera Theater in Chicago. On the eve of the Halloween show, the Crowes all came out dressed like AC/DC and did a smokin’ 4 song AC/DC set prior to their own performance.

The Black Crowes will forever be one of the best live acts to see. Check em out.

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