photo of the day: BARRY MCGEE x NYC x 8.30.10

Barry McGee Houston Mural NYC Photo by Joe Russo

Houston Street, NYC August 30, 2010 – On this beautiful day, I awoke to a phone call from a friend telling me that one of my favorite artists, Barry McGee, had breezed through NYC to bless the famous Houston Street wall.

At the beginning of the day [midnight], TWIST [McGee], AMAZE, NYC’s own CHINO BYI and a few friends, began to paint the Tony Goldman owned property. The wall is massive and covered with tags; paying homage to many of the most prolific graffiti writers of my generation…both living and dead. I was bummed I wasn’t able to document the progress of the mural being painted.
Over the next few days, I’ll post up a few of the other murals that have been painted here.

Barry McGee came up as a graffiti writer from the Bay Area and is evident in his street murals and gallery installations. The other side of McGee’s artistic merits comes in the form of his quirky illustrations. Barry’s work is shown in galleries and museums internationally.

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